The Beanstalk – experts in early childhood education is into developing solutions for early childhood practitioners for the past seven years.
Through our journey, we have learnt to wear many hats – as a preschool, as a teacher training centre, as an activity centre for kids, as a consultant to early childhood practitioners and as curriculum development experts. In successfully donning these several hats, we have traversed the journey from being just a preschool to becoming an Integrated Learning Centre with clearly articulated value propositions that seamlessly merge together to create a profitable enterprise for all stakeholders –

  • profitable for proprietors who have invested in the venture both financially as well as intangibly in the societal context,
  • for teachers who profit from their association with a learning organization,
  • for parents who profit from their association with a one-stop solution provider for their children’s supplementary educational needs.

Please find the details of the programs that we franchise under Beanstalk Integrated Learning Centre:

Teacher Training Franchisee Opportunity
IIMTT was established to help meet the growing demand for Montessori teachers in India and abroad. The brand offers various Diploma courses which equips participants to educate children in the Montessori & Nursery Method, at the pre-primary level anywhere in the world. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and are recognised members of IMC and IMS. We have an extremely robust curriculum focussed on Montessori and Nursery Teacher Training.

Beanstalk 3P
3 Power Packed Preschool Programs(Super Phonics, Minimax Abacus & Writo) that run once a week for your preschool children and equips you with the bragging rights to 3 world-class programs and the ability to seek a revision to your schools tuition fee structure in a structured and logical manner.

Primero After-school Program
PRIMERO, Spanish for “first”, is exactly that – the first bouquet of programs for any institute looking to start an after school activity centre. Primero which offers MaxBrain Abacus and Cambridge YLE Communicative English Program is just the mix that you would be looking at.

Mega After-school Program
MEGA, is the bouquet of programs that you are looking for if you already run a successful after school activity centre and are confident of handling the complexities of managing multiple programs.
In addition to the twin programs MaxBrain Abacus & Cambridge YLE Communicative English Program, Mega, will equip a study centre with the Power Packed after school version of Writo – handwriting for life.

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