afterschool starter pack

starts @ Rs 50,000/- only


afterschool mega pack


Primero, Spanish for “first“, is exactly that – the first bouquet of programs for any institute looking to start an after school activity centre.

We’ve often been faced with the query ” Shouldn’t we start with one product first and then keep adding programs as we go along?”. A valid question. But experience suggests that by keeping a bouquet of programs that complement each other, you increase the chances of success manifold. Add onto it, the advantage of apportioning your fixed costs over multiple programs and it becomes a no-brainer really. But the question is, which programs?

Primero which offers MaxBrain Abacus and Cambridge YLE Communicative English Program is just the mix that you would be looking at. If you are running a successful preschool and have incorporated the Beanstalk 3P as an integral part of your program, you will find Primero to be a Godsend. The kids, on the verge of moving out of your pre-school can now be offered two fantastic programs whose foundations have been set through the Beanstalk 3P.

If you happen to run an activity centre, coaching class or a preschool that hasn’t opted for the Beanstalk 3P, no reason to sweat. Primero is suitably equipped to enable children to grasp concepts quickly, is age appropriate, thoroughly researched and most importantly has been made franchisee friendly through validation and elaborate documentation.

To know more about the individual Program, click the links below. To start off with Primero, call us!


Mega , is the bouquet of programs that you are looking for if you already run a successful after school activity centre and are confident of handling the complexities of managing multiple programs.

In addition to the twin programs MaxBrain Abacus & Cambridge YLE Communicative English Program,mega will equip a study centre with the Power Packed after school version of Writo – handwriting for life.

If you are already a partner who has invested in Beanstalk 3P, you would see how Writo Preschool (Printo) and Writo Afterschool is seamlessly merged. However, if you are not an existing Beanstalk 3p partner, there’s nothing to fear. Writo Afterschool starts with Cursive Road, a program meant for 5-6 year olds meant to be a transition program from print to cursive.

Cursive Prime, Cursive Plus, Cursive Plus Advanced are the other age appropriate Writo Afterschool programs that is a part of the mega after school pack of Writo.