Beanstalk International Preschool opened up its doors to little preschoolers in the year 2012. Through our journey, we have learned to wear many hats – as a preschool, as a teacher training center, as an activity center for kids, as a consultant to early childhood practitioners and as curriculum development experts. In successfully donning these several hats, we have traversed   the journey from being just a preschool to becoming an Integrated Learning Centre(ILC), here we provide a lot of additional   educational services like Montessori Teachers Training, various preschool top-up programs which focus on important areas of   learning beyond the basic preschool curriculum and many more after-school programs.

At The Beanstalk Integrated Learning Centre, we truly believe that we can make a difference to the holistic development of preschoolers today. Be it in implementing the most well researched and cutting edge curriculum on IB guidelines or in putting in place an unmatched physical infrastructure at our center to deliver upon our promise.

We aim to provide a creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging. Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult-directed setting. We provide a fun and stimulating environment which will positively influence the child’s learning and development.

Our programs incorporate an integrated curriculum that promotes learning primarily through music, art, drama, dance, projects, discovery centers, computer activities, field trips, outdoor play, and adventure. Our teaching is based on inquiry, exploratory and holistic learning approaches integrating foreign languages. The activities are designed based on the Multiple Intelligence, Montessori and play-way methods which provide holistic development to the child. The learning and development of the children is not just confined to the internal setting of the kindergarten but is extended to the large and safe outdoor play area. We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.

Beanstalk International Preschool is uniquely placed to provide everything necessary for the first step of your child, one that takes him or her far in life.

PreSchool OUR EDGE

  • Wide range of engaging enrichment programs. Integrated Learning Centre gives the parents the advantage of choosing the right academic programs for their child from a wide variety of academic programs available for essential learning needs
  • Broad, Rich and robust Integrated Curriculum based on IB guidelines
  • Top-up programs like 3P (focussed on Phonics, brain development, and handwriting development), Yoga and Foreign language(French) are available at no additional cost
  • Extensive training for the children appearing for high school exams at no additional cost
  • 21st Century Blended Learning technology for every child’s inclusion
  • Instructors are visionary, collaborative, media and technology savvy

“If you’ve told a child a thousand times and he still does not understand, then it is not the child who is the slow leaner”

– Walter Barbee

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