WHAT IS PHONICS in Preschool Near by?

Phonics is a teaching technique used in Preschool Near by which a child learns to recognize sounds associated to letters as well as how to blend them to make words. Once a child understands phonics, he can decode new words with greater ease. Phonics is taught in stages that progress in difficulty and take time to master.

THE 5 Learning the Letter Sounds


Tricky Words
When the majority of the children know about 35 letter sounds and have been blending regular words as a group activity, they can begin to learn the tricky words. Tricky words are words that cannot always be worked out by blending.

Learning the Letter Sounds
A multi-sensory method is used to Preschool Near by introduce the children to the letter sounds. There is a storyline, action and „Sound Sheet‟ for each sound. By doing an action associated with the sound, e.g., rub tummy and say “mmmmm” for the /m/ sound, the children remember it more easily.

Learning Letter Formation
As the letter sounds are introduced, the children are shown exactly how to form each letter correctly. Initially, the children form the letters in the air, at the same time as the teacher. By regularly feeling the formation of each letter, and then writing it, most children will form their letters correctly.

Identifying Sounds In Words
It is essential that children are taught to hear the individual sounds in words, especially for helping them to spell words. When children can hear the sounds in words, and know one way of writing each sound, they can write independently. Initially, the children will not spell accurately but their work can be read.

As well as learning the sounds the letters make, the children need to be taught how to blend them together to hear a word. The aim is to enable the children to hear the word when the teacher says the sounds. Once the children can hear the word when an adult says the sounds, they are ready to try and blend words for themselves. Initially, being able to blend letter sounds fluently is the essential skill for reading and should always be the first strategy for working out unknown words.

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