Let's see what our dear parents got to say about our school….

We thank our dear Preschool Parent Testimonials for sharing your valuable feedback with us. Hope we have been able to act on the suggestions provided & were able to live up to their expectations. We confess that we are growing along with our little kids and aim to make The Beanstalk Integrated Learning Centre a better place to be part of, with each passing day.

chandrika Chandrika Singh - IK-I Preschool Parent Testimonials - My experience with the school was incredible to say the least. I hope and pray that the school does very well in the future. Chandrika was a part of the school for over 1 and a half years and during this period she went through a transformation that we could have only dreamt of. She learnt to use the toilet, she learnt to make friends, she learnt to express herself in various ways and above all she learnt to speak. From almost being a mute child to a kid who just cannot stop speaking, the journey has been more then incredible. - Mr.Vikram Singh & Mrs.Smita Singh
pragna Pragna Kadu - IK-III Preschool Parent Testimonials - The school has been very supportive, always making the child understand their capabilities. Children are taught to be self-made & independant along with enhanced social skills. Children are being effectively groomed & nurtured in your academy. I rate your school as Very Good. - Mr.Rajesh Kadu
jishu Jishu SenSharma - PG Preschool Parent Testimonials - The best part of Beanstalk International Preschool is not one but multiple. The vibrant environment, brilliant colours, cleanliness, the lovely dramatic play-area enhances the mental & physical development of the child. Teachers are very supportive, caring & handle the children with lot of love. The teacher-student ratio is well maintained. - Mr.Sobhan Sensharma
naman Naman Ajitsaria - PG Preschool Parent Testimonials - I am very grateful to choose Edify Kids Baguiati for my child. He has learnt a lot of good manners & has shown considerable improvement in communication skills. I like the school very much. - Mrs.Heera Ajitsaria
divyam Divyam Dhanuka - PG Beanstalk International Preschool is a very good & courageous institution. My son, Divyam has learnt so many things in the past 9 months in the school whereas when he took admission he could barely speak. I am very thankful to the school. - Mrs.Sangeeta Dhanuka
naina Naina Goyal - IK-III I am very grateful to Beanstalk International Preschool. My child has shown tremendous improvement in communication skills & has shown improvement in other areas as well. I am very thankful to the management & the teachers. - Mr.Manoj Goyal
kanak Kanak Malla - IK-II As a parent, I am very grateful to choose Beanstalk International Preschool as a school for my child. The school has helped my child in gaining knowledge thereby giving him the confidence to do things on his own. We are proud of my child, a student of your school. Best wishes for the school, Thank You! - Mrs.Belinda Malla
bhoomi Bhoomi Jain - IK-II As a mother, I am very comfortable with the operations of the school, teachers are nice & friendly. The school has a nice colourful decor. The best part of the school is the focus on activities which helps in the all-round development of the child especially the communication skills thorough various story telling activities etc. My child is very fond of the school. - Mrs.Madhuri Jain
tanishi Tanishi Ganguly - IK-I I am impressed with the way the school has handled my daughter. To be specific, Edify Kids faculties are extremely caring, empathetic & friendly which has helped my daughter to imbibe the school discipline. Tanishi nowadays loves to go to school, the credit goes to the faculty of the school combined with a great ambience. - Mr.Subhankar Gangopadhay
manojit Manojit Ghatak - PG Preschool Parent Testimonials -Beanstalk International Preschool has been an inspiration for child & parents. His education has been helping him to become an inquirer of skills & knowledge. If someone asks my child, what would he like to become in life, his answer is 'Happy'. That is what every child should be in life & the school is certainly on track to make this a reality. - Mr.Indrajit Ghatak