Pre-writing to Print Writing

Reading is a psychomotor process. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness leads to handwriting learning through invention rather than instruction. Parents, and far too many teachers, look only at the “product” and ignore process with young children.

In cultures using symbolic language, virtually every child begins to show interest in learning the symbols at age three or four – sometimes younger. Simple instructions can help your child learn correct movement patterns. For instance, in case of letters d, b, and p there are two Ways To “See” Symbols. A child who has not learned to write a letter “sees” the image as a static picture and tries to reproduce it rather than “write” it. Meaningless repetition, drill for the sake of drill, does not
produce transferable skill. Handwriting requires understanding. We help pupils learn with MIND and MUSCLE.

It is here that the Printo Handwriting Program helps direct the child’s learning and prevents invention & tracing to creep into the formative years. Each Printo Program is carefully organized and is a complete handwriting curriculum in itself, with unique learning objectives.

Writing Readiness for Preschoolers in Nursery ages 3-4


Kids will develop and strengthen gross motor skills, learn to use rhythmic movement in conjunction with visual feedback response, directionality concepts, and position skills – the building of an internal model to assist them in the beginning skill of writing.

Mastering The Basic Strokes, alphabets & numerals & Foundations for Fluency ages 4-5

Kids will master the basic strokes and the Internal Model before moving onto internalization of the alphabets and the numerals. The Program will set up the foundations for Fluency in Print Writing.

Working towards fluency & sentence building ages 5-6

The Program focuses on the development of smooth, rhythmic motion with audible reinforcement to improve attention span, motor skills, muscle memory and ultimately handwriting fluency. The goal is to create ‘instant words’ which can be easily written with minimal use of the visual feedback system. This frees up brain processing power to focus on composition of the message rather than thinking about how to put the letters together on the page.

Introduce your child today to the benefits of Writo’s scientifically designed Print Handwriting Program – Printo. It is certainly going to be a decision that your child will value for life. That, we can give in writing!